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Kamloops Buddhist Temple

Jodo Shinshu


I'm still learning about this community! If you know more and would like to share, or put me in contact with someone who knows more, please reach out!

February 1948: Founded as The Kamloops Buddhist Church Society. The Buddhist Ladies Association was also formed.

1958: Incorporated

1955/1956: Two lots purchased at 361 Poplar Street. Construction begins.

31 March 1956: Dedication services for the building. Two lots purchased across the street a few years later for parking.

November 1957: For the first time, a convention was held in Kamloops by the BC Young Buddhist League and the BC Buddhist Sunday School Teachers' League.

Meeting Places

Leadership History

Rev. Koyo Okuda

Rev. S Ikuta

Current: Rev Naoki Hirano

Congregation Website

Meeting Times

1st and 3rd Sundays, 10:30am

Information Sources/More Information

Congregation Facebook page

1957. "Buddhist Sunday School Teachers' Convention". Kamloops Daily Sentinel. 16 November 1957. A08.

1969. "Church of the Week". Kamloops Daily Sentinel. 18 January 1969. A12.

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