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Cornerstone Baptist Church

Baptist (CNBC)


The amalgamation of Ridgecrest Baptist Church and New Hope Baptist Church resulted in a new congregation called Hillcrest Baptist Church. The new congregation worshipped at the 9th Ave building until 2008, when the decision was made to move to 805 Sherbrooke Avenue on the Kamloops North Shore.

The congregation decided to change their name because the Sherbrooke Ave building was not on a hill, like the 9th Ave building had been. After some deliberation, "Cornerstone" was suggested and accepted as a new name. Thus, Cornerstone Baptist Church was born.

The welcoming and friendly congregation continues to meet at their Sherbrooke Ave building.


Before 2008: see the Hillcrest Baptist Church page.

2008: Purchased the 805 Sherbrooke Avenue building, moved to it, and changed their name to Cornerstone Baptist Church

Meeting Places

Until 2008: 1393 9th Avenue

2008-Present: 805 Sherbrooke Avenue

Leadership History

2008-Present: Zacharie Jean

Pastor Zacharie was also the last pastor of Hillcrest Baptist Church, and has been with ministering to this congregation since 2000.

Congregation Website

Meeting Times

Sunday 11am

Information Sources

Congregation Website

Conversation with Pastor Zacharie Jean (June 2023)

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