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Hillcrest Baptist Church

Baptist (CNBC)


Hillcrest Baptist Church was born when Ridgecrest Baptist Church and its mission church, New Hope Baptist Church, combined into a new congregation.

The new church, which met at 1393 9th Ave, decided to call itself Hillcrest Baptist Church.

In 2008, the congregation decided to move to the North Shore. They purchased the 805 Sherbrooke Avenue building, moved to it, and renamed the congregation "Cornerstone Baptist Church".


1994: Ridgecrest Baptist and New Hope Baptist amalgamate. They become Hillcrest Baptist Church and meet at 1393 9th Avenue.

2008: Hillcrest Baptist Church moves to 805 Sherbrooke Avenue and changes their name to Cornerstone Baptist Church.

Meeting Places

Leadership History

1990s-2000: Mel Blackaby

2000-2008: Zacherie Jean

Zacharie continues to minister to this congregation as the Pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church.

Congregation Website

Meeting Times

Information Sources

Newspaper Church Directories

Conversation with Pastor Zacherie Jean (June 2023)

Image from Inland Daily Sentinel, 13 September 1958, page A02

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