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Kamloops 1st Ward

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


1955: An Latter-day Saint family (the Kenny family) moved from White Rock to Kamloops. With the help of missionaries, a Sunday School was organized. Various missionaries ran it regularly at the Canadian Legion Hall. The local Relief Society was organized.

1958: The Kamloops Sunday School became a “Dependent Branch”, dependent on the Vernon Branch, meaning that Sunday School was held in Kamloops on Sunday mornings and worship services (“sacrament meeting”) were held in Vernon on Sunday evenings.

Between 1955 and 1960: Began meeting at the Masonic Hall.

29 May 1960: The Kamloops Branch was formally organized. The first Branch President was selected. This meant Sunday worship services were now held in Kamloops.

Mar 1965: The current Parkcrest property was purchased for building a church.

1966: Parkcrest building plans were approved. Construction likely did not begin this year.

2 Mar 1969: Started meeting at Brocklehurst Elementary School

Nov 1971: Phase 1 of chapel completed. Paid for by local fundraising. Built by “labour missionaries” and local members.

21 Nov 1971: First meeting held in Phase 1 of the new chapel.

12 Oct 1975: Kamloops Branch becomes the Kamloops Ward, first Bishop was selected.

1976: Phase 2 (large chapel) was added to the building.

1979: 3rd phase of the building was added (gymnasium, Family History Centre, kitchen, offices, more classrooms).

4 Oct 1983: The Kamloops Ward was split into Kamloops 1st Ward and Kamloops 2nd Ward. Kamloops 1st Ward retained congregants south of Thompson River and east of North Thompson River.

Meeting Places

1955: Royal Canadian Legion Hall

Masonic Hall

364 Fortune Drive

1971-Present: 2165 Parkcrest Avenue

Leadership History

Local congregations of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are led by unpaid volunteers from the congregation. Volunteers typically serve for up to 5 years.

1955-1960: Missionaries presided over Sunday School.

29 May 1960: President Richard R Moray

Between 1960 and 1962: Gordon W Kenny

After 1962: President Alfred E Johnson

10 May 1964: President Archibald John Bennee

27 June 1965: President Thomas H. Gregson

1968: President Arlo Edgar Hansen

12 Jan 1969: President Charles Robert Uhrig

24 Sept 1973: President Cliff Branchflower

12 Oct 1975: Bishop Cliff Branchflower

28 Oct 1978: Bishop David L. Clark

15 Jan 1983: Bishop Kelvin W. Jensen

16 Sept 1984: Bishop William G. Agar

28 May 1989: Bishop K. Kay Strate

20 Sept 1992: Bishop Peter A. Bellos

1 Nov 1992: Bishop Gordon D. Herrington

16 Nov 1997: Bishop Robert J. Graham

7 Jul 2002: Bishop B. Demont (Monty) Nelson

3 Feb 2008: Bishop Walter N. Branchflower

19 May 2013: Bishop M. Shayne Olsen

2019 - Present: Bishop Craig Astle

Congregation Website

Meeting Times

Sundays 9am (odd years) or 11:30am (even years)

Information Sources

Personal Communications

Church History Library

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