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Kamloops Full Gospel Tabernacle



1960: Kamloops Full Gospel Chapel was birthed. Their opening services were held at Liberal Hall in North Kamloops with Vern Bergen speaking.

1962: The congregation affiliated themselves with the Apostolic Church of Canada.

1963: Plans were drafted for a building at 1365 Tranquille. The building was constructed almost entirely by volunteers. It was completed in August.

18 August 1963: First services were held in the new 1365 Tranquille building.

1964: a 300-seat main sanctuary was added to the building.

23 February 1969: A "Mortgage Burning Service" was held now that the building was paid off.

Late 1980s: Moved to the 1550 Tranquille building.

Meeting Places

1960-1963: "Liberal Hall" at corner of Royal Ave and Tranquille Rd

1963-1980s: 1365 Tranquille Road

1980s-Present: 1550 Tranquille Road

Leadership History

Reverend E. O. Kurtz

Reverend Rick Parkyn

Current: Carey and Juanita de Jong

Congregation Website

Meeting Times

Sundays 10am

Information Sources

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