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St John Vianney Parish

Roman Catholic


12 February 1979: St John Vianney Parish is established.

4 March 1979: First Mass celebrated at Anglican Church of Cleopas

5 July 1979: Building committee formed.

4 May 1980: Groundbreak and Bishop Exner's blessing on Phase 1 of Bank Road building construction project.

April 1981: Phase 1 construction completed.

Easter 1981: First Mass celebrated in the Bank Road building.

1981-1991: Liturgical celebrations happen in the building's gym.

10 April 1991: Groundbreaking for next phase of building construction.

13 October 1991: First Mass in St Vianney's Church

14 October 1991: Dedication of building by Bishop Lawrence Sabitini.

Meeting Places

Leadership History

1979-1984: Rev. John Doetzel, O.M.I.

1984-1989: Rev. John Dunn

1989-1991: Rev. Fred Wiesbeck, Rev. Peter Nguyen

1992-2007: Rev. Allan F. Noonan, O.M.I.

2007-Present: Rev. Wladyslaw Karciarz, O.M.I.

Congregation Website

Meeting Times

Sundays 10:30am

Tuesday-Friday 8am

Saturdays 4pm

Information Sources

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