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St Paul's Parish

Anglican Church


1880: The Bishop of New Westminster, Right Rev. A. W. Sillitoe, visits Kamloops for the first time.

1884: English Church Mission opened, centered in Kamloops.

September 1884: A temporary church building was erected (a log cabin). The first services in the building were held on 7 September 1884.

1888: In May, groundbreaking and cornerstone laying ceremonies occur for a new building on Main Street (West Victoria). In November construction begins after the sale of the log cabin they had been meeting in to that point.

1892: Kamloops Missionary District split into 4 areas, covering much of the Southern BC Interior.

1912: Surpliced choir organized.

1914: Built St Peter's Church at Goose Lake.

Around 1913: Church board began talking about moving the church building.

1917: St. Paul's became a single congregation parish (rather than being a Mission congregation)

1924: Congregation has building removed from Main Street and reconstructed on the corner of 4th and Nicola - its present location. The cornerstone ceremony occured in October.

1935: Kamloops designated as See City. St Paul's Church designated a Cathedral.

Meeting Places

1884-1888: Log cabin in Kamloops

1888-1924: 100 Block of Main Street (West Victoria Street)

1924-Present: 360 Nicola Street

Leadership History

1882: D. H. W. Horlock

Canon W Henry Cooper

Rev Mr Irwin

Until 1890: Stuart C Scholefield

1890-1894: Rev. Mr. Shildrick

1894-1901: Rev. E. P. Flewelling

1901-1915: Rev. A. S. Akehurst

1915-1918: Rev. J. Wiseman

1918-1922: Rev. Christopher Reed

1922: Rev John Leigh

Rev D C Dunbar

Reverend J C Jolley

Rev Nicholas J Parker

Current: Rev. Canon Lev Fraser

Congregation Website

Meeting Times

Sunday 8am (Communion), 10am (Eucharist)

Wednesday 8am (Communion)

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