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St. Andrew's Presbyterian



1872: First recorded public worship service.

1887: Congregation formed. Rev John Chisholm and a handful of Presbyterians worked towards building a meetinghouse at 159 Seymour.

1 January 1888: Dedicatory services of the new building.

1888: Presbytery of Westminster officially recognized St. Andrew’s Kamloops as a congregation of the Presbyterian Church of Canada (a Canadian denomination which was formed in 1875)

June 1888: Pulpit donated by Mr James. Oak, natural stain, inlaid with walnut, upholstered with hair cloth.

21 January 1890: In annual meeting, decided to apply to the Presbytery to have the congregation placed on the Augmented List. Its status had been "mission" for its existence so far.

28 November 1890: The choirs of the Methodist and Presbyterian churches form a permanent organization known as the Union Glue Club of Kamloops.

1925: Church Union. The United Church of Canada was formed across the country. In Kamloops, this meant that the Presbyterian and Methodist denominations would unite to become the Kamloops United Church. Unlike the Methodists, the Presbyterians were allowed to vote on whether or not to join. The majority of the congregation voted for Church Union and continued to meet at 159 Seymour. Those who voted against Church Union (and continued to be St Andrew's Presbyterians) continued to meet in the Masonic Hall.

1926: Site of a new Presbyterian Church was purchased (corner of St Paul and 5th Ave), during the year, the building was constructed and opened.

1958: The present building on 6th Ave was constructed and dedicated.

Meeting Places

1885-1888: Courthouse - met with the Methodist congregation. On alternating weeks, the Methodist minister would preach.

1888-1925: 159 Seymour Street. Methodists continued to meet with them, continuing the tradition of alternating which minister preached, until the Methodists had their own building (late 1888).

1925-1926: Masonic Hall

1926-1958: Church at corner of St Paul and 5th.

1958-Present: 1136 6th Avenue.

Leadership History

Aug 1875-1878: Rev Mr Murray

1885-March 1890 Rev. John Chisholm

26 Nov 1890-1896 Rev. Archibald Lee

1896-1904 Rev. J. Clarke Stewart

1904-1912 Rev. W.A. Wylie

1913-1914 Rev. Dr. Nixon

1914-1919 Rev. W.W. Peck

1919-1925 Rev. J.P. McPhie

Rev HR McGill

1927-1931 Rev. J.A. Kennedy

1931-1937 Rev. G. Dickey

1938-1941 Rev. M. Blackburn

1941-1942 Rev. Jas. Dunn

1942-1950 Rev. John McTurk

1951-1962 Rev. Alex McSween

1962-1971 Rev. Ivan Gamble

1972-1995 Rev. George Peters

1996-2000 Rev. Charles McNeil

2001-2015 Rev. Harold M. Wiest

2017-Present Rev. Steve Filyk

Congregation Website

Meeting Times

Sundays 10am

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