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Aberdeen and Westsyde Churches Are On The Site!

As I considered when to launch this site, I decided that I would launch it before I finished adding all of the information. One reason, among many, is that there is a lot of data! Motivating myself to keep entering endless data without anything to show anyone is challenging. Thus, by switching on the website before it is complete, I can show off the changes as they come!

The other reason is a bit more boring: As an SEO professional in my career, I know that Google likes to see progressive growth on a website rather than a dump truck load of new content all at once. I want interested people like you to be able to find this website in a search engine, so I'm following some SEO principles as I build up the content!

Anyway, as of today I have finished adding all of the information I have so far about the history of places of worship in Aberdeen in Westsyde! Those areas of Kamloops have far fewer places of worship than other parts of Kamloops, but it's still interesting to explore and learn about them. For example, PLURA Hills United Church in Aberdeen was built to house a congregation made up of Christians from many different backgrounds. The existence of the building aand its congregation seems to be an example of looking past who people were and growing together with others as they are. In Westsyde, the construction and eventual demolition of the Church of Cleopas is a reminder of the evolution and change that occurs within congregations - and within people - as they follow their God.

I look forward to learning more about the Christian churches in Aberdeen and Westsyde. There's a lot of information I don't have currently, but I'm excited to learn!

Check out the history of Aberdeen churches and the history of Westsyde churches!

If you would like to share any information you might have about these buildings, please fill out the contact form! It would be great to connect.

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