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August 2023 Update

I'm thrilled to announce a monumental achievement for the Kamloops Faith History website – we've now successfully created dedicated pages for every active Christian congregation in our vibrant city. This accomplishment is particularly significant given that Kamloops boasts a diverse array of dozens of Christian congregations, and our website now serves as a comprehensive resource for residents and visitors eager to explore the rich tapestry of Christian faith within our community.

Each congregation's dedicated page on our website is (or will become) a treasure trove of information, providing a holistic view of their unique histories. These pages include a timeline detailing congregation-level events such as the construction of new meeting places, changes in denomination, or relocations to new addresses. They also feature comprehensive lists of both past and present meeting places, offering a visual journey through time and space. Additionally, our pages provide insights into leadership history, links to the congregation's website (if they still exist in Kamloops), current meeting times for active congregations, and a curated list of information sources. These pages not only serve as historical records but also as living testaments to the enduring faith that thrives in Kamloops.

While we celebrate this remarkable milestone, our commitment remains unwavering. Our focus now shifts towards further enriching the content on these pages and finding inactive congregations, with the goal of ensuring completeness and accuracy. This endeavor is a testament to the collaborative spirit of the Kamloops community, where individuals and congregations have generously shared their stories, photographs, and insights.

But our ambitions extend beyond Christian congregations. With this achievement under our belt, we are excited to broaden our scope as we're now able to give more focus to documenting the histories of other faith groups in Kamloops, such as the Jewish community, Bahá'í Faith, and many more. Our journey of discovery and celebration continues, and we are profoundly grateful for the support and cooperation that have made Kamloops Faith History an inclusive and informative platform for all to explore and appreciate. If you're interested in getting involved in this meaningful project, we encourage you to visit our "Get Involved" page to learn more about the various ways you can contribute to this endeavor.

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