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Collecting a History of Kamloops Faith Groups

Updated: Jan 16

Welcome to the Kamloops Faith History website! I'm excited that the website is finally launched so that you can visit and see what I'm learning. Here I'll briefly introduce myself and talk about how I'm primarily going to use this blog.

My name is Andrew. I'm fascinated by the faith that founds and grows religious congregations. A part of that interest is focused on the stories of the places of worship that exist in Kamloops. As I learn and share stories among my friends and family, I'm finding that many people are interested to know these stories from the past and present. A goal of this website is to collect that history and share it.

As you explore this website, you'll quickly see that this is a project in process. I'm far from finished. In the bigger picture, I've barely begun! This website is a place to share what I've learned so far all in one place. With this blog, I'll share updates and articles about the status of the project, stories and thoughts that don't quite fit into the structure the Buildings and Faiths pages, and more.

Enjoy exploring the site! For now, the Buildings page is a good place to start. Check back for more as I keep adding content!

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