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June 2023 Website Update

Hi there, and welcome to the Kamloops Faith History website. Whether it's your first time visiting or you've been here multiple times, you might like to know where I'm at in regards to uploading content and in my historical digging. I haven't posted a website update blog post in a while, so there are a few items to cover today!

As of today, here is my progress on a few pieces of the website and my "research":

Christian Congregations

There are a lot of Christian congregations in Kamloops. Not only are there many currently active congregations, there are tons of congregations that have disappeared without much trace or changed their names without leaving an easy trail for me to follow. I have every congregation listed in my notes alphabetically by denomincation. Yesterday, I finished adding the Catholic congregations. Specifically, the Roman Catholics, but alphabetically, I have all of the Catholics listed under "C".

One mystery I was able to solve during the past month was the connection between Cornerstone Baptist Church, Ridgecrest Baptist Church, and Hillcrest Baptist Church. I was excited to learn that they're all the same group, but changed there names a few times as their situations and locations changed. I'm still looking for a photograph of the Ridgecrest Church building, but for now I have a screenshot of the "building plans" from a 1959 newspaper article.

I'm finding that my once-per-month visit to a different church service in town is helping me find information. I have almost visited all of the congregations in Brocklehurst, and a couple of congregations in the North Shore.

Sikh Community

I finally added the two Sikh communities to the Faiths section of the website. I look forward to learning more about them!

Old Newspapers

One important part of my research has been reading the old newspapers in the newspaper archives. I do a search for "church", then read every article that contains that word, chronologically. I started from the earliest newspapers I could find that focused on Kamloops, and have been working from there. Currently I've read up to the beginning of 1892. That means I've read a lot about the early years of the presence in Kamloops of the Presbyterian Church, Anglican Church, Roman Catholic Church, and Methodist Church. Unfortunately the Library's newspaper archives available don't go back far enough to get a lot of info on each congregations beginnings - especially the Roman Catholics, who were here the longest - but the late 1880s are when all of the buildings were first built in the city. I've posted those articles to the blog page for anyone who might like to read them. It has been very helpful to read the stories that ended up in the newspaper! They're very thorough. It seems that Kamloopsians at that time liked to hear about the churches in town.

As always, thank you for checking out the website and the blog! If you have any questions, feel free to ask on the Contact page. Read the Get Involved page to see some of the best ways to help the project - if you're interested. I'm having a great time working on this in whatever free time I can find, and I hope you're enjoying what you're able to read!

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