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Sahali And Some Photos

One of the first comments I receive from most visitors to the website is about its lack of photos. I completely agree! So recently I've been taking photos of churches as I pass them. There may not be many photos on the site yet, but the photos I have so far improve the look of the site's pages significatnly! Check out the Brocklehurst places of worship page to see what's live so far!

If you've been waiting to see one of the churches in Sahali, then you're in luck! I recently finished creating the Sahali places of worship page! There are 3 places of worship in Sahali, and all of them are Christian churches. As this project moves forward, I'm excited to learn more about those buildings and their congregations.

As always, I'm glad you visited. Feel free to leave a comment, send some feedback on the Contact page's form, or visit a local church to learn more about them with me! Check back soon for more!

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